Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cinnamon Redecorates

I was really embarrassed when my owner posted this photo of my room. I now share it with Francesca and it serves as an office for all of us. It is decorated in Guatemalan textiles (which I hate) and my owner throws towels and blankets over the carpet to keep it clean. Well, she tries! I have spent so much time training Francesca and grumbling about her presence that I haven't had time to address the issue of interior design.

I was embarrassed to have everyone on Facebook see the decor in my room!
So imagine my surprise when we returned from the dog park this morning. There was a huge (and very cheap) rug in the hallway all rolled up. Francesca and I had to jump over it to get anywhere. It was annoying.

All of a sudden my owner took a bunch of stuff out of the room including MY BED! What was up? She even took Francesca's bed out and gave it a good shaking. (Francesca stinks!).

So I walked in the room and saw..... the rug was making the room look SO MUCH BETTER! Now I am not sure I like the design but it certainly looks better than what we had before!
What the heck is this?
I looked at the rug and decided the colors would look good with my black and tan coloring. I decided I liked it and plopped right down on it before she could even straighten it!

I, Cinnamon, claim this rug as MINE!

I got kicked out of the room so my owner could finish straightening it. And then my bed was placed in the correct corner and, unfortunately, Francesca's bed was placed back in her corner. I was hoping she'd get her own room so I could have the newly decorated one all to myself!
Here I am on my bed
This is the way it should be. Just me and my desk!
And here's that annoying Francesca
in her corner
So, I do approve of the new rug and I approve of taking down some of the textiles. But THEY ALL NEED TO BE REMOVED. They clash! And, I think the room should be decorated in outdoor scenes and dog portraits. I'll work on that.

For now, it's nap time!

Love, Cinnamon


  1. That sure is a snazzy rug, Cinnamon! Looks like Francesca is settling in for good, so you need to get used to it!!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon