Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Clark County Cinnamon Loves Lucky Memorial Dog Park in Brush Prairie

Since I am sporting my shiny new Clark County dog license tag, I decided I should try being a real Clark County dog! So today I chose a new dog park, the Lucky Memorial Dog Park - Brush Prairie Washington to romp in. But I wasn't prepared for what happened. I wasn't prepared that I would find my new favorite park. And here's why:

It was partly sunny as we drove east along SR503. Soon it became foggy and the strip malls and Fred Meyer stores were left behind. I became more and more excited. We were headed for the COUNTRYSIDE. We turned off the main road and passed farms and treed land. It was really RURAL. I was feeling like a real FARM DOG.

Once we parked in the small parking lot at Lucky Park, and went through the double gate, I felt excited and free. There were only a few dogs there. It was so foggy I couldn't even see the end of the park... so I took off running. YIPEE! I ran along the trail through the field and didn't stop until I came upon something I had never seen at a dog park.

Here I am running and running and running
It was some grassy mounds with a big drainage pipe running through it. I usually am kept from entering drain pipes but since I was running FREE, I just went in. And.. I safely came out the other end. Boy was this fun!

I played on the mounds for awhile and then ran down the other side of the fenced field until I came to the "puppy playground." 

Here I am playing on the mounds and thinking about going into the drainage pipe again.
I went in the playground, ran around and went through another pipe and out the other side. Then I saw the sign. It wasn't really a puppy playground. It was an agility course. Later a lady and her dogs came in and we all played on the obstacles having a great time.
Here I am with my new friends at the agility course.
We went around the field about four times. I was getting good at running from one end to the next and back again. More dogs arrived. I made friends with a big Husky. People petted me. I was having so much fun, I just kept on running.

Here I am meeting a huge husky dog.
I felt like a real country dog. Next to the dog park and fields were farms. It even smelled like farmland out there. We tromped along the path and noticed it was a little muddy. I ran so fast once that when I turned, my paws kicked up pieces of mud. Woohoo!

Here I am enjoying being a Clark County dog.
I got thirsty doing all this running but noticed the water was turned off. Next time I'll bring my canteen with me. 

So why is this my new favorite dog park? Well, it is one of those run by Vancouver and Clark Parks and Clark DogPaw. They know how to make good dog parks. And, second... it was very quiet there. I didn't hear a truck, a car or a motorcycle. It was foggy, misty and quiet. I loved being in the country. 

This park was named in honor of Lucky, the Clark County Police K9 killed in the line of duty. It is 7.5 acres of flat open fields with plenty of space to run, jump and fetch. It is fully fenced with a double-gated entrance accessible from 149th in Brush Prairie. Here's their website.

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