Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Party Time in Tempe Arizona: Pop Up Pooch Parks

I think I'd like to be a snowbird type of dog. Should I? This winter the dogs in Arizona are having a great time in dog-welcoming Tempe. Tempe is the home of Arizona State University and is not far from PHX airport (not that I'd want to fly.)

So what they are doing in Tempe is having a concert series in the fun Mill Avenue District. Not that outdoor concerts are that unusual. But what makes my ears perk up is that they have a dog theme for each concert (How about a "Pugly Sweater Contest?) and during the concert they have a Pop Up Dog Park just for fun loving social pooches and their owners.

Imagine, walking down to Hayden Square Amphitheater on Thursdays to socialize and listen to music. I'd love this!

To top it off, Tempe lists all the restaurants in the area that are dog friendly. And, there are quite a few.

I could wear my turquoise!
Here's what they say on the website. "The popular Pop-Up Pooch Parks are located in the Mill Avenue District! Bring your furry canine friends down to Hayden Square Amphitheater every Third Thursday at 5:00pm for fun and socialization while listening to live music and taking photos in the FREE photo booth. Dress your pups in fun and crazy outfits to add to the entertainment."

It's PARTY TIME in Arizona! Here's where you can get the scoop (pun intended).

Photos courtesy: Mill Avenue District - Tempe

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