Saturday, January 11, 2014

Night Walker Cinnamon: New L.E.D. Dog Collars and Leashes

Here I am lighted up like a Halloween pumpkin!
I told you I'd be telling you more about some amazing new lighted safety items for dogs. So here it goes...

My good friend Walking Wendy was sent some things to review. Among them were some things for DOGS. Now Wendy doesn't have a dog so she asked me, Cinnamon, to test the lighted collar and leash. And so I did.

First I examined the tags and L.E.D. Pet Collar and Leash up close. I noticed that there are collars and leashes for S, M and L size dogs. And, their website tells you just how to measure them. It looks like they all measure the same in width because of the lights.

Here I am ready to go for my night walk!
The Nite Beams L.E.D. Pet Collar and Leash can be seen in the dark up to 1/4 mile. Now the raccoons, cats and assorted animals WILL SEE ME COMING! But so will the cars. This gear runs on replaceable batteries. They are water resistant and hand washable. So all that was good.

I tried them on. My owner pressed the button once and the whole thing lit up! I should have had these for the PIR Christmas walk! It was bright but it didn't bother me. It was even OK when she pressed it a second time and the silly thing started blinking like a traffic light! Blink, Blink, Blink... Here comes Cinnamon!

I tried out a safety orange color. I like Orange. It goes beautifully with my gorgeous black and tan coat.  The collar and leash were very sturdy. You could tell they would last a long time.

The clip for the leash was very strong and well-made. You could tell these were meant for classy dogs like me.

The lights are so bright you can read by them!
The leash and collar run $25 - $29 each. So given the quality, I think that is an OK price. Besides, I have some money to spend after some of the product testing I did before Christmas. Now, will I get orange or pink? (I am jealous of a Coon hound named Mona who has a pink collar) Hmmmm. If you are on a strict budget and can only get one thing, I'd recommend the collar.

You can see for yourself on the Nite Beams website. Here are the collars and here are the leashes.

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