Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Doing MY THING at Ross Dog Park in Vancouver USA

It's been raining. But this morning it wasn't. So we went to Ross Dog Park for a little free time. My owner thinks she is taking me for exercise but when I get there I am off the leash. So.... I get to do ANYTHING I WANT! Here is what I do:

Here's the hill at Ross Dog Park  
I slowly jog up the hill.
I stop to smell stuff.
Then I jog over to the upper park.
Then I think about eating some grass.
Then I pass the squirrel hunting dog.
Then I find more to smell
My owner gets so bored she starts photographing raindrops!
So that's what I do at Ross Dog Park. I do WHAT I WANT TO DO. Anyone know why I gain weight after all this exercise? I haven't a clue!

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