Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cinnamon's Volksmarch Log - New Year's Day Walk in Vancouver

Here we are waiting for the light to change
to cross the street.
On New Year's Day I got out and did a volkswalk in east Vancouver. The walk started at the McMenamin's on 162nd near one of my dog parks, Dakota Dog Park. They don't allow dogs in this McMenamin's so I had to wait outside while my owner registered. The club put out a dog water bowl which was nice. Treats would have been even better!

It was a really foggy day. I could hardly see the orange ribbons and arrows we were following. But luckily I knew the terrain and helped my owner walk through the paths of Pacific Community Park. There were other dogs doing the volkswalk too!

We walked through the neighborhood where I buy MY FOOD but didn't stop at the nice lady's house. Then we walked past a huge church and back through the park, again. I think this was a great walk for dogs because of the woods, the park and the good views of dogs in the dog park. It was a little weird walking by the dog park and not going in, but I was having fun sniffing for squirrels on the new paths we were discovering.
See how foggy it was?

Thank you Vancouver Volkssporters and Columbia River Walking Club for helping me get out and get slim for 2014!

So, for the lack of record books, here is what I have accomplished:

10K Vancouver Land Bridge Walk - Vancouver, WA - Vancouver Volkssporters - Website

10K Columbia River Walk - Columbia River Volkssport Club - Website

10K Sherwood - Soup Walk - Sherwood Merrywalkers - Website

10K WSU - Vancouver Cougar Views Walk - All Weather Walkers - Website

10K Halloween Walk in Yachats - Yachats Coastal Gems - Website

5K New Years Day Walk in Vancouver - Vancouver Volkssporters - Website

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