Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What to do about a vomiting dog?

Sick Day
Disclaimer: The following discussion my be offensive to some humans

I got sick yesterday afternoon. I was fine in the morning but by early afternoon my stomach was really upset. I vomited all my breakfast. And then I went outside and vomited four more times until there was nothing more in my stomach. And then I stopped.

But my owner was worried. She'd read about really bad problems like Bloat and Intestinal Blockage and more. She was scared and called the veterinary office.

First off they told her it couldn't be Bloat because a dog with Bloat can't throw up anything but is trying. The dog has the dry heaves and looks bloated. This is serious. This means you need to take your dog to the Emergency Veterinary Office unless your vet is in and can see your dog right away. I learned about Bloat from this video.

They asked many questions like... was I eating mushrooms in the yard or something I am not used to eating? Did I eat part of a toy?

They got me in right away and by then I wasn't vomiting any more. The doctor was very concerned and did a thorough exam. There is so much to look for when a dog is vomiting. It could be just an upset tummy or it could be something much more serious. Here's a good article about veterinary care for a vomiting dog.

So the doctor said I couldn't have dinner and could have only a little water. I didn't care about dinner anyway. I did drink a little water when I got home. But mostly I wanted to go to bed and rest. It had been a traumatic day. I don't know what was worse... the vomiting or the veterinary exam!

So now it is day #2 of sick dog. I slept a lot last night and got up late. I went outside but didn't chase the squirrels too much. Well, maybe a little. I did decide I wanted to eat. I only was given a 1/4 of what I usually eat. I was told it was for my own good. My owner followed me around all morning so I didn't eat grass or anything (I didn't want any).

I took a nap and then got invited on a car ride. We did errands in the rain. I enjoyed looking out the window. I felt better than yesterday. When I got home, I went outside a little and then decided to take a nap (again).

So if I keep my TINY BREAKFAST down, I can have a TINY DINNER and see how that goes. So far, so good.

My advice to a dog who is vomiting multiple times is to CALL YOUR VET AND ASK THEIR ADVICE. I'm glad I did.

Love, Cinnamon on the mend


  1. Cinnamon says she feels much better and is looking forward to a full meal soon!

  2. Dutchess & Deacon are glad you are feeling better.


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