Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Here at am at home on my favorite garden bench.
I loved the beach at Lincoln City. I loved the folks at Looking Glass Inn. And I even loved the Harbor Seals I saw swimming and looking at me this morning during our beach walk.

But what I love most of all, it seems, is being in my home sweet home. When I got home today, I ran out into my yard and romped a bit. Then I found a spot of sun and took a nap. As soon as my owner brought in my bed, I went upstairs and took a long nap there, too!

While I slept, I dreamed of the beach. I loved climbing on the driftwood logs and looking for crunchy crab legs to munch on. And I loved the staff at the Looking Glass Inn who gave me treats and looked the other way when I stole treats out of the new dogs' bowls!

But I am more relaxed in my own home. I don't worry about tsunamis or sneaker waves or harbor seals thinking I would be a good snack. I don't worry about rain and I don't worry about mean dogs. I am just home... where I belong.

But say the word.. BEACH... and you might entice me to go for another adventure!


  1. So happy there were no tsunamis!

  2. Cinnamon says: "Yeah, I was watching out for them!"

  3. Sorry you were worried about sneaker waves, tsunamis, or harbor seals during your visit. But if you're like most other canines, you absolutely love the beach. Especially the Oregon coast.

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Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon