Friday, April 26, 2013

Gonna get some beach time!

Here's the picture from the Looking Glass Inn Website
I just found out that I'm headed for the Oregon Coast... Lincoln City, to be exact. I found out that the Looking Glass Inn is right on the beach and... they are dog friendly. They are so dog friendly that they woo houndies like me with a special package deal. Here's what they say they will greet me with:

"Bring your dog to the Looking Glass Inn. We are dog friendly. Rain and Paco want all dogs to be comfortable at the Looking Glass Inn so when you check in your dog will receive a basket to use during their stay. The basket includes two dog sheets, dog towels, two dog bowls, pooper scooper bags, and dog treats. We take all shapes and sizes of dogs with a maximum of 2 dogs per room."

Now I don't care a whole lot about the dog sheets and pooper scooper bags but DOG TREATS sound mighty good to me! And, I'll bet I get to go sniffing around the seaweed on the beach... at least I hope I can. The dogs they show on their Dog Blog look like they are having great fun in the ocean and on the beach.

I'll be posting photos and will tell you all about my stay later next week. I'm so excited I can hardly take a nap, but I'll try!


  1. Looks like Cali's kin run the place

  2. Cinnamon says: "I hope they are as fun as Cali!"

  3. Sounds like a great treat, Cinnamon! You are a lucky hound!!

    1. Cinnamon Says: "Treats? Did you mention Treats?"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon