Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cinnamon's Canadian Vacation - A Great Day!

This is the Visitors Centre at Williams Lake
With the Huge Logs
Today was a great travel day in British Columbia. We left Cache Creek and stopped at the Visitors Centre in Williams Lake.  It is so impressive they call it a Tourism Discovery Centre. It is made out of HUGE logs. But what impressed me was the sign on the door… “All Pets Welcome!”  That meant ME, CINNAMON… I GOT TO GO IN!

OMG... A treat!
I love going through doors and seeing what is inside buildings… especially when I am invited! So I went inside and strode up to the front desk. The pretty young lady said, “Welcome!” And then… AND THEN… she said “Do you want a dog treat?” I got so excited I barely could behave myself. Imagine me… getting a treat in Canada! It was a great little dog biscuit. I sure enjoyed it!

Here’s what they say about this amazing HUGE log building: The Tourism Discovery Centre is, in total, a 14,596 square foot log structure.  The log and timber frame was built by local log home builders.

The centre post with its flared root intact is approximately 10 feet across and rises over 52 feet.  It was sensitively harvested  (whatever that means) from Bella Coola and estimated to be 745 years old.  The building was kinda like being in the woods. I had fun going up the wood stairs, looking out over the beautiful lake and then, innocently walking close to the reception desk hoping for another biscuit. (I didn't get a second treat).

Here I am sniffing around the corn fields
This was a great stop but there was more fun ahead. We saw signs for Soda Creek U-Pick Corn. While I don’t like corn I DO like farms. Where there are farms there are usually dogs and cows and horses.

I got excited as we headed down the dirt and gravel road. What a view of the valley! And soon, we were down in the valley where they grew the corn. I got to get out and romp around the corn fields while they picked. I saw a horse but didn’t go over and check it out. I’ve learned that horses are MUCH BIGGER when you are close to them. No, thanks. Horses can stay in the distance.

We loaded up the corn to give to people on Haida Gwaii and drove back up the dirt road.

I am now in the motel  in Vanderhoof, the one with the trees and picnic tables. I can’t run loose so I think I’ll turn in. There is a fresh towel on my bed and a full bowl of water. Life is good on the road in Canada.

Love, Cinnamon, the ride-along hound.

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