Monday, September 16, 2013

Cinnamon's Last Vacation Day Was Perfect

Here's the motel and the SUNSET!
It was late when we got in to the motel in Hope, B.C. We had planned to make it over the border and stay in the U.S. but the trip got started late. It wasn't MY fault!

I got a great big surprise when we reached our motel in Hope

The nice owner of Swiss Chalets Motel directed our car to park in front of a little cabin. And I saw.... a private YARD with GRASS and a picnic table. The first thing I did was roll in the clean green grass. Then my owner tied my 20 foot leash to the picnic table and I roamed the yard sniffing the trees and even chasing a Blue Jay.

Soon it was dinner time and I got to eat OUTSIDE! It was just like home. I slept inside, of course on a cushy quilt (you'll find out why later) and at 7 a.m. she had to drag me out of bed to get back on the road. I LOVED the little motel cabin in Hope, B.C.
Here I am checking out the Police Dog wood carving.

You should all come to visit Hope. It is surrounded by mountains and has walking paths and interesting carvings made out of trees. In fact, among all the bears, there was a tribute to a Police Dog! And, there was a sign pointing to DOG MOUNTAIN.

This must be where Canadian dogs go for vacation. They really respect their dogs in Hope!

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

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