Friday, September 27, 2013

Coffee Dog

Here I am getting petted at Mon Ami
I've always wanted to go out for coffee and socialize like humans do. I have friends that meet for coffee and they always have a good time... drinking coffee, smoothies, tea and the like. Sometimes they have crepes!

So when I was invited to Mon Ami my mind was dancing with visions of latte's and chicken crepes. I was going to socialize with everyone in the Hough neighborhood and have a great morning. The sun was out and I jumped in to the back of the car... all excited.

We got there and our friends had a table inside. Whoops! Dogs are not allowed inside Mon Ami. Luckily they had a front patio with tables where I could hang out and watch the people come and go. I was just about to order my chicken crepes and latte' when another dog showed up.

I tried to be friendly and nosed the dog a bit... but HE GROWLED. This dog was MEAN! Didn't he know what Mon Ami means? It is french for MY FRIEND!

My owner pulled me back and made me stand behind her chair so the dog wouldn't growl at me. I was ticked. Not only did I have to skip breakfast, I wasn't having all that much fun.

But soon Mr. Growly left and I was having fun again. My friend petted me and one of the Mon Ami staff members came out to see me. Turns out he had a Treeing Walker Coon Hound.... a real coon hound fan. So I warmed myself in the sun and had a great time at Mon Ami.

Soon I was home and had my standard dog food breakfast... no crepes, no coffee..... oh well.

Love, Cinnamon, everyone's meilleur ami

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