Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Haida Gwaii Vacation

It's over now and I'm headed for the ferry. Tonight I will sleep in the car while we cross over to mainland British Columbia. I've had a great vacation. It was sorely (pun intended) needed after all the trauma of my scarred nose. I've gotten over it. Actually, the scab fell off (I know, TMI!) and it looks much better. At least the Canadian dogs didn't seem to pay much attention to it.

Here I am at low tide smelling stuff
So here are the highlights of my vacation.

I got to go onto the rocky beach while the water lapped at the shore. When it was low tide, there were tons of great smells. I got in trouble when I tried to pick up broken crab shells and fish skeletons. But that's all part of my life. I like doing things to get in trouble!

My next favorite thing, usually after a walk on the beach, was "sunbeaming." I'd go all over the beach house trying to find the best sunbeam so I could lay in it. If the sun was too high, I'd just stand in the sunbeam. Today, while I was waiting for the trip to the ferry, I laid on the grass in the sun. What a life!
Here I am in a great sunbeam

My third favorite thing was standing out on the Coast Guard dock looking at the birds. I saw seagulls galore, a crane and.... my favorite, the Eagle. I like watching birds. I don't try and chase them. When we were driving down an old logging road the huge black ravens flew just in front of the car leading the way. That was fun. I think they enjoyed our company too.

Ravens are very important birds here in Haida Gwaii  According to the Haida people who live here, Raven is responsible for creating Haida Gwaii, releasing the sun from its tiny box and making the stars and the moon. 

I think the ravens on the road were having fun with us.... after all, they are known as tricksters.

So now I have to return to the mainland. No more crab shells, no more dead fish smells, no more sea grass, no more playing with dogs on the beach. It has been a great vacation.

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  1. Cinnamon, looking at your photo, I think our rescue dog, Stuart, must have had a good bit of coon hound in him. Same cute face and ears. Our current dog, Dino, is definitely with you on the crab exoskeletons except he's too fast for us. We don't even take him to the beach to find them. The gulls around here drop them from the sky. I'm glad you and your people had a nice vacation.


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon