Friday, August 30, 2013

Road Trip! Cinnamon needs a vacation

Guess where I'm going!
I need a vacation. I need to get my mind off "things." So I was excited when we began packing and my stuff was included. My Food. My Bed. My Leash. My Harness. My Shot Records. Yay! ROAD TRIP!

I'll bet I know where we are going... to the land of Maple Leaves, Bears and Totems.... Back to Canada. I am stoked! I am already forgetting my S*a*s. You see, in the backwoods of Canada, everyone looks like me. They don't expect me to be perfect after tangles with bears, moose, geese and the like. Tough dogs hang out in Canada. And in Canada, females are tough too!

There is a bit of a downside to travel. I had to have a BATH. I pretend I don't like my baths and only jump in the tub when I know I am trapped in the bathroom. But between you and me, I really like the attention and the towel rub after my bath. It feels good and I look pretty. I have been told I an a stinky coonie in the car if I don't have a bath. So I endured one (see how good I am?).

So we'll head out early and make it through Seattle and then to the border. Since I have everything in order, the border crossing should be a piece of cake (or dog biscuit?).
Here I am watching out the window on my last road trip.

I'll look out the window and watch for things. That will keep my mind off my personal appearance. I need that. I NEED A VACATION! I need to sit in a pub, sip a Kokanee and enjoy some fish and chips. (Mind you, I didn't get to do that last trip. Maybe this one will be better). A dog can dream, right?

The first night we'll make it to Cache Creek. That's where I stayed before. They have a grassy area and I can stay on the front porch if I am tied to a post. That's OK because I like to watch what the people are doing, especially if they are cooking.

Here I am at the motel in Cache Creek.
I look tired because, if you remember, I had an encounter with a bear!
The nice Korean family that owns the Sage Hills Motel petted me and were happy I had come to visit. And, they had a nice grassy place for me to romp a bit and eat grass, of course. I hope it is still there. I liked that place. They are "certified pet friendly."

So after a good sleep, it will be off for more of my Canadian Vacation Adventure. I'll be sure and write about it and send pictures, s*ar or not!

Love, Cinnamon, eh?

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