Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Ferry Good Day

Here's the big ferry and the little ferry
When you live on an island, ferries are your connection to the outside world. We arrive on BC Ferries from Prince Rupert but get on and off Moresby Island via MV Kwuna. I call that the little ferry. By now, I am an old hand at riding the ferries.

Today we wanted to take a road trip to Masset so we boarded the little ferry at Alliford Bay. It was a glorious morning with bright sunshine and mild temperatures. I immediately got ready for my “ferry nap” as the crossing takes just over 20 minutes. When we board, I lie down and rest. It’s what you do on the ferries.
We spent the day driving around Graham Island. At the lunch stop I thought I might get something good because I was really hungry after all that sea air. But no…. all I got was two greasy French fries AND had to wait until 8 p.m. to get home for my dinner. We missed the earlier ferry because THEIR lunches took too long to prepare. Hmmm…. Greasy French fries.  Imagine!

So we drove along the shore watching the huge ravens swoop out of the woods. We saw a deer or two and soon we were in town back at the ferry dock for our return trip.

My big BC Ferry was there as well. It made my little ferry look so tiny. Since I was getting really sleepy I demanded that we sail with my door open and so we did. Initially I put my head outside as the ferry set sail. The fresh air smelled so good. But after a while, it just made me sleepy. It could also be that I was starving… SUBSISTING ON TWO GREASY FRENCH FRIES!
I enjoyed my ferry nap. Soon we were docked and drove home. I played outside a bit and then had a real good dog food dinner. And after that… well, Good Night!

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

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