Friday, September 6, 2013

Cinnamon on Vacation: Dorking around on the Dock

Here's those dumb Pink Salmon swimming in circles
Well, it's clear I'm not going fishing on this trip to Canada. They are going out for 8 + hours and that is a bit much for me. You see, nothing is brief when fishermen are after the biggest fish and are having a lot of fun.

So I rode to the dock with them to say goodbye. I thought maybe they would share a "boat cookie" with me but no.... they were saving them for themselves. I hope they catch some huge salmon and even a halibut.

So after they left I nosed around the dock and saw huge pink salmon swimming in circles under the dock. I think they were lost. They are supposed to be going upstream to spawn right about now... not swim in circles under the dock! Maybe they'll get a GPS and figure things out.

So after I looked at the salmon for awhile, I strolled down the dock to check out the boats. These boats were good sized ones.... ones where I could run around the deck if I was sailing on them. I thought they might be better than the small C-Dory I went fishing on... the one where I got scared. So I checked out the big boat very seriously.
Here I am checking out the big boat for a potential cruise!

After that we walked ALL THE WAY HOME in the sun. I stopped to see an eagle and to nose around in the grass looking for something crunchy.

So today was a good vacation day. I'm off to take a nap to rest up after all of today's activities. I'm one tired pooch!

Love, Cinnamon on Vacation

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

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