Tuesday, September 3, 2013

BC Ferry Adventure: Upgraded to Business Class

Here we are driving onto the Ferry
It was a great day touring Northern British Columbia. We walked along Cow Bay enjoying the sunshine at Prince Rupert. I was very patient while they went grocery shopping and picked up bagels at Tim Horton's. In fact I was VERY PATIENT during the whole trip when we stopped at grocery stores to get things for friends at Sandspit. You see, they live on an island and groceries arrive only once a week at the little island store.

So back to the issue at paw. I am an experienced BC Ferry passenger. Last time I complained a bit because I had to ride in "steerage" while the people went up top to a cushy cabin with a porthole. I felt like a second class citizen as I rode in the bow of the ship in a locked car. The only good thing was that the car was loaded with food so I knew I'd never starve if we ended up marooned on a remote island somewhere!

So this time I had a plan. I made my move at the Overwaitea grocery store at Prince Rupert. I slinked from the back of the car up front and curled up in the driver's seat in the best coonie ball I could create. I was staking my territory. When they came back with their groceries they had to tell me to get back to my place. I was asleep and didn't want to move.
Here's the Breaker's Pub in Prince Rupert where THEY ate.

So next, they went to the Breaker's Pub for dinner leaving me with a handful of dog food and water. What's new, eh? After THEY had dinner we drove down to the ferry terminal and got in line. I was abruptly awakened for one last walk. I was so glad when I saw my friend who works at the Ferry Terminal. He always pets me.

I was even more glad when the BC Ferries staff member came over the loudspeaker and announced they would be loading. The sun was setting and I was more than ready to go to sleep. We were motioned on board and were assigned a place in the bow. That is near the A/C and I like that! I couldn't wait for the people to LEAVE! They locked the doors and as soon as they headed up to the passenger deck I JUMPED INTO THE FRONT SEAT for a long night's sleep.

See? I upgraded myself to Business Class. Enough of the dog seat. I was curled up on the driver's seat just like a human. I was cool. As the ferry left the dock, the hum of the engines put me to sleep. It was a smooth crossing and I was zonked.

At 5 a.m. the Purser came on the loudspeaker and announced that we were docking. OH NO! The people would be there too soon for me. I sleep until 9 a.m., don't ya know? OH NO! there they were coming to greet me. They unlocked the doors and I gave them a dirty look. It was TOO EARLY. They put up with my sleepiness but when the cars started disembarking I had to move. I was FORCED to return to the back seat. Grrrr.

So after we got off the ferry, we drove a bit to look at the sunrise. I got to see and smell beautiful Haida Gwaii. The cool air woke me up and I enjoyed the dawn. I'm ready for another Haida Gwaii adventure! (Well, after I take a nap).

Cinnamon, the Salty Sea Dog

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography


  1. Cinnamon, You are the most travelingest pooch I know!! Have fun!

  2. Cinnamon Says, "Dear Walklady... scar or not.. I'm always up for a Road Trip!"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon