Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cinnamon Opens a Coonhound Shop

Here's one design I came up with.
It was kind of rainy today. I got bored and decided to open a shop on CafePress.

I think this is a better idea than getting into the garbage and tearing up things, chewing on furniture or eating my owner's slippers.

On the Urban Coonhound Facebook page I read that coonies do things like that. But not me (at least today!)

First I thought I might emblazon a portrait of me, Cinnamon, on shirts, mugs and the like. But after searching the Internet I thought this cute cartoon coonhound might be more popular.

So I opened "Cinnamon's Coonhound Shop." I have shirts, mugs, bags and more in the shop and can add more, once I wake up from my nap.
I designed this one for my owner!

I'll think up more designs and hope to hear from my readers too. I want to do some designs for us coonies.  If things go well I want to donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations that help hounds like me.

So here are some examples of what I came up with SINCE I WAS SO BORED TODAY!

Love, Cinnamon the shop owner

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