Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Urination Game

Should I mark here?
Warning: This is a graphic discussion of Coonie behavior which may offend some humans.

It was rainy last night and so I started thinking. Why do I spend so much time sniffing and marking at the dog park? I'm female but isn't this a male trait?

I started worrying about my sexual identity. You see. I go around and smell the smells at the dog park and then, on many of them, I urinate right on top of where the other dog went. I do this over and over. 

Sometimes I lift one leg. Sometimes I do a high squat. Sometimes I do my regular girlie low squat. But the goal is always to leave some of my scent there, right on top of the other scent.

So, of course, I went to the Internet to find out more. I was happy to find out from WebMD that both female and male dogs urine mark. So I guess I am all girl. Some articles said that it was done as a dominance behavior. "I'm better than you so I'll mark over where you marked!" Other articles said it was done out of anxiety. Me, anxious? Nope! I LOVE to go to the dog park.

I just count this in as part of dog park fun. Once I mark the whole place up, I OWN IT! I can then run and play and visit with the puppies. I OWN THE WHOLE DOG PARK!

Signed, Cinnamon the Marker

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