Monday, August 26, 2013

A Houndy Day at the Dog Park

Here I am eating grass and
dutifully wearing my dog tags.

Well, I am close to rested up after my week at "survival camp." So today I decided to go to the dog park and see what was happening.

The first thing I noticed was that there were quite a few dogs gathered around the notice board. They were discussing the license issue. The issue is that dogs are being checked at the dog park to see if they have a license tag. And, of course, I had already heard about that from Facebook and was there with my tags on for all to see!

After that, I noticed that there were some hounds there. Of course I love hounds. But these were hounds of a different color... and size! 

There was a skinny Treeing Walker Coonhound running around. I think she was skinny because she's hyperactive. I went up to meet her and thought she was pretty nice. She ran too fast for me, though. I was more interested in sniffing around and eating grass.
Here's that Treeing Walker Coonhound and one of her friends.

As I walked up the hill I noticed a cute little Beagle. Some of the big dogs were ganging up on her. I was worried that she'd be scared. But she seemed to take it rather well.

I was low energy today. Part of it was because the sun was out and I was turned into a "solar collection device" and some of it was because I was still resting up. Besides, my camp scar was still healing. I need TLC and a great deal of sympathy because of that!

But it was fun to go to the dog park and run into the hounds, even if they didn't look exactly like me!
Here's those big dogs bugging the Beagle.

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