Sunday, August 11, 2013

Alberta Street Fair: One Dog Friendly Event

When I lived in Santa Fe, most of the big events on the Plaza were closed to dogs. What do they think we'd do, bite someone? So my owner would walk me up the street and then we had to turn around when we saw the booths. I always dreamed of what might be for sale that I WOULD LIKE.

So here we are in the Portland, Oregon area and things are different. Yesterday there was a Street Fair in the Alberta District of Portland. That's in North Portland not far from The 'Couve which is where I live. Let me tell you, it was a welcoming place for dogs!

There was a Humane Society tent, a cat adoption tent and lots of dogs on leashes. There was even a cart from Barkin Bistro. Did you notice they have DOG BEER? (I much prefer a good Pinot). This is a mobile TREAT CART that goes to local parks and events in Portland. Here's their website so you can plan to take your dog to see them.

Let me tell you. This cart wasn't the only TREAT BOOTH for dogs at the fair. I think I might just become a Festival Dog!

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