Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cinnamon The Camper Tells All

Exercise is the name of the game at the Dog Camp
About 9 a.m. I decided that I had enough rest and could resume a normal life. That overnight at the "camp" sure wore me out. And, here's why.

Well I found out that Paradise Dog Ranch is neither a "reform ranch" or a "para-military training camp." I was wrong about that. But it WAS a place to go to toughen up. It was like a camp for dogs. It was certainly not a resort or doggie spa, that's for sure. And, here's why.

I got there and, yes, they locked the iron gate behind me. But then I met some friendly dogs and got to go out in the wooded area. I sniffed every square inch of the place, I think. I enjoyed the shady trees and ferns and found some water when I got thirsty. In the afternoon, some of the dogs got to go home.... but not me.

I got some food eventually... my own food. Not any gourmet doggie treats. The owner or, perhaps, head counselor, Brian, made sure I got the right amount. I was pretty hungry by then and scarfed it up. Soon the sun was setting and it was time for bed. I was ushered into the bunkhouse. I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO PICK MY BUNK MATE! I just chose a bed and crashed. It was warm in there with all those furry bodies and there was NO AIR CONDITIONING!

The other dogs stayed up telling stories. One of them told me that we would be going on a "Snipe Hunt" that evening... round about 11 p.m. (Those of you who remember Spin and Marty will know about Snipe Hunts). Of course being a new "camper," I believed everything they said.
My vision of a Snipe Hunt

Sure enough, about 11 p.m. the doors opened and we were let out into the yard... no Snipes in sight! We hung out there for awhile and then returned to the bunkhouse. By then it was much cooler and I got some shut eye. By then I knew not to believe the other campers.

Morning comes early at "camp." I like to sleep in until 8 or 9 a.m., but this is a place for dogs that are not pampered like I am. We got up early and headed out for some exercise on the trails. I was a bit tired after running one of the trails but that wasn't the end of the exercise. There was ball chasing that followed that. And THAT WAS ALL BEFORE BREAKFAST!

So I had breakfast and returned to the wooded area. I trotted some trails and sniffed some dogs and, because I have a black coat, I was getting hot. I looked for the swimming pool but didn't see one. I thought it might be nice to go back to the bunk house but no, that wasn't in the cards.

By afternoon I was panting and had enough of the exercise. I was ready to go home! And, just when I thought I was about to faint, my owner showed up. YAY! I got sprung. I got to go to my cool car with the cool air conditioning and ride home.

The rest you know. You saw pictures of how tired I was from yesterday. But what you don't know, and I found out, is that I am going back for a WHOLE SESSION OF CAMP! Next week I'll check in for six days. I'm already packing my rucksack with energy bars and bottled water. I'll need that TO SURVIVE!

So that's the story.

Yours, Cinnamon, The Camper

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