Friday, August 2, 2013

Cinnamon Checks Out Other Dog Shops

Isn't this cute?
Now that I have my Coonhound Shop up and running I thought I'd check out what other people are doing on the Internet. I'm not selfish so from time to time I'll share with you a great find or two. Today, after my nap, I was looking for houndy things.

I found this great little necklace with a Snoopy-type dog pendant and bones. I just love it! I think I'll buy it next Mother's Day for my owner. (If I remember).

This cute necklace is found over at "For the Love of a Dog." It's a great website full of fun things. But, pleeez, save a little money to buy something from me, Cinnamon!

For Love of a Dog Jewelry for Pet Lovers

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