Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Home from Survival Camp: Dirty, Scarred and Tough as They Come!

Here's the big gate and the
van that picks up the Day Campers.
Well, I'm at my computer after almost a week away! I wonder if I can still spell? I hope I don't write like those cats over at I can has Cheezburger or Lolcats.

You see, I think I was sent to Survival Camp because some dogs at the dog park were scaring me. Never mind that some of them were as big as horses and others had the temperament of wolves. I just got scared and needed to toughen up.

So I was dropped off at the big camp gate with just my name collar and my food. The camp counselor took me in and introduced me to the other campers. He called me "Cinny." So that is now my official camp name.

It was mid-day so there was still plenty of exercise to come. We went down in the woods and I ran the paths with the other dogs. They were faster than me but I vowed to TOUGHEN UP! (I lagged behind on purpose because I was a little afraid of those dogs that looked like wolves.)

By dinner time, I was pooped! I was given my rations and so were the other dogs. But there was NO LOUNGE area for us to rest... it was just back to the woods until bed time. I thought that, at least, they would let us play poker or something. And bed time at dog camp was pretty bare bones (pun intended). It was just mattresses on the floor. During the day they aired out the mattresses but they still smelled like CAMP DOGS!

I learned to go to sleep and ignore those dogs that stayed up telling ghost stories. I was missing my naps so had plenty of sleeping to do!

Each day we had special conditioning exercises. We ran, played tug-o-war and chased balls. There were acres of trails and I ran each and every one of them. I was getting pretty tough... muscular even.

Here's my combat scar and I am proud of it!
One day we were having "paw-to-paw combat" training and something happened. I got in the way of a really big dog and OUCH! The dog took a chunk out of my nose. I was bleeding.... and no one felt sorry for me. We kept on with our training. Blood ran down the side of my nose. Finally it stopped and I felt like a real COMBAT VETERAN. Over the days the sore healed and, to this day, I have a battle scar to show my friends at the dog park.

I am tough. I am Camper Cinny!

Well, I was glad to see my owner (finally) arrive to pick me up from camp today. I jumped into the car, scar and all and even laid down a little on the way home.

After we got home I was ready to go out in the back yard and hunt squirrels. It was then that I got a rude awakening. I was back in suburbia and dirty dogs aren't permitted on the wall to wall carpeting.

Here I am drying off after my bath.
I HAD A BATH! All my camper dirt
was washed down the drain.

But you know what? I am tough. I am Camper Cinny. And, my scar still shows... for all to see. No one better mess with ME!

I think I'll go take a nap on my cushy bed now.

Semper Fi,
Camper Cinny


  1. Cinny, sorry to hear that you got the battle scar! But you are now survival-hardened!

  2. Camper Cinny,I am so glad you survived the Camp! So many probably would not have come back at all, much less so strong. I bet the boys like your scar, tho....just shows 'em how tough you really are! You take care now...

  3. From Cinnamon: "I might just have to get a tatoo now, Carlanne!"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon