Saturday, June 1, 2013

Birds: Cinnamon likes some but not others

Here I am bird watching.
It was a fine evening in the backyard. My owner and I were communing and bird-watching. First we watched a pair of Red Tailed Hawks circle overhead. I was thinking that they might attack me. I decided the best safe place for me would be to hide under my blue bench.

I kept sniffing the air and sensed a squirrel in the not too distant woods. My owner thought I was a bit loco because the branches were moving. The squirrel was hopping from branch to branch and I really didn't see it. I was too busy sniffing. Smell is my strongest sense by far.

But back to the birds. My favorite visitors to the back yard are the Colibri. Oh, that's right. I'm not in New Mexico anymore. You folks won't understand. Colibri are Hummingbirds. They buzz and they hum in our yard and come to feed at the special bird feeder. When they get their fill, they buzz off into the tree-tops. They love our bird feeder.
Here comes a friendly Hummingbird to our feeder

I am annoyed by bees, flies and blue jays. But why am I not annoyed by the buzzing Colibri? Why don't I growl at them and chase them? I think it is because the Colibri remind me of my homeland... of New Mexico. There are many hummingbirds that fly through when they migrate to and from Mexico. They are my friends. Colibri help the plants and they make my garden pretty. And, most importantly, they remind me of the land of my birth.

My friends in New Mexico had about four hummingbird feeders in their backyard. They had lots of hummers coming and going. I loved spending time there with my friends Pinta and Bridget. I even kind of liked Aly, even though she was testy at times.

Me gusta las Colibries
The Colibri remind me of home. I am kind to them. They don't buzz me and are kind to me!

They are kinder than Sammy the Blue Jay and those Red Tailed Hawks that circle overhead. Of course there are the noisy blackbirds. I get tired of the "Caw, Caw, Caw."

So now that I have had my visit from my Hummingbird friend, I am off to bed.

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

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  1. "There's a bluejay that used to dive bomb me while I was sleeping in the sun. I think the local cat got him. Thankfully!!!" ~ Love Charleston


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