Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Salty Sea Dog Goes to Gray Bay

This is the Copper River. They didn't let me out here!
It was a lazy day at the B&B here on Sandspit. I slept on and off all day because it was raining. But in the evening things cleared and we decided to drive on logging roads into the back woods to a place called Gray Bay.

Now, I am up for anything on the beach because I look for crab shells, dead fish and the like. Beach walking can be great fun. So I leaped in the car when I heard about this adventure.

We went along a road and pretty soon it turned to dirt. I wished I could have gotten out at Copper River and waded. It looked fantastic. And I can sip water out of fresh water rivers. But NO! We were headed for a salt water beach.

First we got out at Copper Bay where there was tons of seaweed. The tide was out and I hopped over rocks hoping to find interesting sea life in the tide pools. Boy that smelled good. I hated to leave but they insisted I get back in the car and drive along the logging road farther into the back woods. We looked at the Copper River and eventually came to a remote place called Gray Bay.
This is Copper Bay. It sure smelled good but they wouldn't let me off the leash

At Gray Bay there were some cool picnic tables made out of hewn logs. But we didn't have a picnic with us. That was really unfortunate because I was REALLY HUNGRY!

Instead it was time to take a walk along the beach. This beach actually had sand. That was after you crunched through the clam shells though. I enjoyed the beach and sniffed seaweed. The tide was coming in so I steered clear of the water. I don't like water that moves toward me and threatens me. We had a great time playing on the beach but, soon it was time to return.

Here I am having a great time at Gray Bay
As we drove down the logging road we saw huge piles of bear scat right in the middle of the road. I was pretty concerned as I thought the bears that left that must be pretty HUGE! I was happy that we quickened the pace and were home for dinner.

I think it's time to go to bed now. I had a great adventure to Gray Bay and am happy to be home SAFELY!

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