Thursday, June 20, 2013

Leaving tonight on the BC Ferry to Prince Rupert

The ferry is waiting to take me to the mainland
I'm kinda sad. I've become accustomed to my new moniker as "The Salty Sea Dog." But tonight I'll be back on the ferry (in steerage, of course) headed away from beautiful Haida Gwaii. Since we leave so late in the evening, I'll just be sleeping so that's OK. I won't be missing too much... perhaps a good sunset.

I think Haida Gwaii and the village of Sandspit is a great place to bring a dog. There are beaches to run on, trails to explore and roads along the water to just walk. I have befriended the eagles on the nest down the street. They used to make sounds when I got near their tree but they don't any more. I still go crazy when I smell where the deer have been but I am sure they would get used to me too.

I've met a couple of nice dogs on the beach. One was Diego, a big bull-type dog. He was best pals with a little boy. Both of them seemed to like water games. Diego would go in the water after a stick or even a rock. I just stayed on shore with the salt water lapping at my coonie paws.
This eagle got used to me walking by her nest.

All the people have been friendly here in Sandspit. Some of them even learned my name so when I was out trotting down the road, I would find friends all along the way.

So tonight I will bid farewell to Haida Gwaii. Maybe I'll plan another trip up here. There are more places to explore and smells to smell.

But for now, it's time for a nap!

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