Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's a dog's life on Moresby Island in Haida Gwaii, Canada

We'll I've rested up from the lengthy confinement in the bowels of the ferry during the voyage from Prince Rupert to here. I've sniffed around the B&B to get my bearings and I'm beginning to like the island life here on Moresby Island.

Here's my beach.
I'm staying at the Bayview Garden B&B and Hostel right across from the bay. It's just perfect for me with grassy gardens all around and a beach to romp on. I can only be in certain places in the B&B but that's ok. I just love being here on the island. People are more laid back and outdoorsy. That works for me because I'm an outdoorsy kind of hound and I'm definitely laid back.

I go for long walks and even did some long distance running on the beach. Sandspit is just that, a long spit of sand. The only problem with my running is that I wasn't paying attention to the people who wanted me to come back and walk with them. Oh, well. I soon tired and got caught! :) That afternoon I took an extra long nap.

Here's the little ferry that goes between Sandspit and Skidegate.
Every morning I get up and go outside to sniff around. I think deer come through the property at night. Eagles sit in the trees overhead and look at me. I think they should stay in the trees. They are huge. Some crows landed in the cherry trees where I hang out. I jumped at them and scared them away!

Here I am getting ready for my ferry nap.
In the afternoons sometimes we go for a ride. Sometimes we take a small ferry over to Skidegate. I'm so used to ferries now that I just lie down in the back of the van and snooze. The locals here call those "ferry naps." I take "B&B naps," "travel naps," "motel naps," ... you get the picture. All this touring wears a houndie out!

Each evening I take a walk and when I want to go to bed, it's still light. My owner tries to keep me awake but I sneak off to my cushy bed and sleep while people are still enjoying the light and the 10 p.m. sunset.

Here's the party I slept through. The chocolate Lab went, though!
Last night I even slept through a party that was going on outside on the front lawn. I heard later that there was a wonderful chocolate Labrador retriever at the party. I wasn't invited anyway (as usual).

I've heard that we're going fishing Friday. I'm going to be checking out the bait and hiding when they bring the huge fish on board the boat. I hope there aren't too many high waves. I don't want to get wet. But, I'll tell you all about it for sure.

Well, it's time for my morning nap!

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

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