Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cinnamon and the Totems

Well, I’m off on my Canadian adventure touring northern British Columbia. I am getting great at sight-seeing. Our friend made a special platform in the back of the car where I can ride comfortably lying, sitting or standing and get a lot of sight-seeing in. I watch for bear, moose and waterfalls. Sometimes I just watch the scenery go by. There’s lots of green and big rivers.

Here's the seat in the car our friend made just for dogs.
I can sleep or sight-see
Yesterday was a day filled with Totems. I had my first introduction to these cedar logs that have animals and other symbols carved on them. At ‘Ksan, the land of “The People of the River Mist,” I got to go out and walk the path, cruise around the grass and look at totems. I liked 'Ksan Historical Village. It’s nice that they allow dogs because it is like a big park with long houses and totems.
Here I am at the Totem Pole park

At ‘Ksan I was nosing around the long houses and all of a sudden I jumped back. I pulled on my leash to GET AWAY FAST! You see, I saw the shape of a bear, my new mortal enemy. I pulled and pulled and the BEAR DIDN’T MOVE! So I walked closer and found it was only a carved cedar animal. It sure looked real and I am embarrassed to say I was “totemly fooled!” (A little coonie humor, eh?)

I was really afraid of this carved bear until
I checked it out more closely.
Next we were off to Gitwangak , “Land of the Rabbits, where I figured I could do some real down home rabbit chasing. But no, it was all about totem poles… AGAIN! We watched a new totem being carved. It was huge and three men were working on it. Gitwangak is home to world famous totem poles and I said hello to some people from Germany. It was ok, but the grass was really high and I got my tummy wet.

So after that we drove to another real village, Kitwancool. There was a big open space along the river that was filled with totems. At the top of one I spied a bear carving, but that was way up at the top. So I felt safe. We walked near one of the houses and a First Nations dog came out to visit me. He was young and had soft fur and was very friendly. He followed me all around looking at the totems with me. After getting snacks at the store, we had to leave my new friend and drive on to a place where it rained and there were many waterfalls.
Here's the First Nations dog I made friends with.

I dozed as we drove along because I knew if there were more bears, they would wake me up.

Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you about my ferry ride. It happens tonight. Maybe they will let me run all around the deck. Ya think?

I am having a great time in Canada!

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