Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cinnamon's First Fishing Trip

Here I am holding on for dear life.
What a day! I got up early and had to skip breakfast so I knew something was up. We got in the van and headed for the Sandspit marina here on Moresby Island. I love the marina because there are lots of cool smells down there. I trotted down the steel slotted gang way like I was a real sea dog. There were lots of boats down there.

I jumped into the green and white boat and thought it might be nice to sniff around and then jump out again. But no! We were casting off and closing the cabin door. I was trapped in a fishing boat! Well, at first it was ok. I got to sit up on the dark green cushion and look outside. But once we got outside the marina, things got scary. They went fast and the boat sprayed water out the back. I hate getting my face wet so I hunkered down on the green cushion and held on for dear life.
Sometimes the boat went really fast!

Next they went really fast and the bottom of the boat hit the waves and made a banging sound. That's when I decided I really wanted OFF THIS THING! I looked, but didn't see a way out so just hid under the seats and prayed it would be over soon. AND IT WAS!

The boat slowed down and I discover that I WAS STILL ALIVE! I had survived the trip through the narrows and had arrived at a fairly calm place for fishing. Now that sounded interesting... catching food!

They got to catch fish and I didn't!
They gave me some snacks and then went and baited their hooks. Down went the weights and hooks and we trolled. That speed was great. I could look all around and pretend I was on a tour of the BC coast. There were deer and bear in the woods and things in the sea that were yet to be discovered.

FISH ON! The first fish of the day was pulling on the line. Everyone scrambled. I just sat on my green cushion and tried to stay out of the way... kinda.

When they reeled in the fish I found out what all the fuss was about. These creatures with the silver scales, beady eyes and sharp teeth were huge! They were salmon.... BIG salmon and I was wondering when we would eat some. The fish was cleaned right there on the back of the boat and then right beneath me they threw the huge beast into the cooler. AND THIS WENT ON FOR 6 HOURS! I snacked, hunkered down on the green cushion and watched the fish hunt. At the end of the day, we had six huge salmon in the cooler and I had listened to way more fish stories than I wanted to. LETS GO HOME! I WANT TO GO POTTY!

And we did. They took off like a bat out of heck and this time I wasn't scared of the noise the boat made. I was becoming a salty old sea dog. I kinda liked riding with the people. (But I still wanted to go potty).

I got really interested in what was in the crab trap.
We went through the narrows and took a detour around an island. What the heck? We slowed down and they went to some buoys and pulled up crab traps. And inside were Dungeness Crabs almost as big as ME! I was really interested in these crawly things. They were more interesting than the beady eyed salmon. But the people pulled me away. You see, if one of them caught me with his claw I might be in real trouble. They were DANGEROUS and they were MAD! I kept my distance but sniffed the air. In to the cooler they went.

We were off again headed in to the marina. I was really glad when we tied up and I could hop off the boat. I perked up and trotted down the wood pier and up the steel gangway. And then... a lovely patch of grass. Relief at last! Phew! After that I got my supper and all was well once again.

Here I am on the beach watching for the eagles.
That night we were invited to some friends' home to eat the crab that was caught. But we didn't go into the house. We crossed the road and went down to the beach where there was food and places to sit.  I got tied to a table so I wouldn't go over and help out too much. But I liked being on the beach, watching the water and smelling the crab they cooked right there. But the best part was when they threw all the leavings out on the beach and the EAGLES came to get it. Imagine... over 6 huge eagles coming to the beach right before our eyes. They were happy to have that food and I was happy to be on dry land once again.

Signed, Cinnamon the Sleepy Sea Dog

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

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