Monday, June 17, 2013

Everything is so big here in Haida Gwaii

Here's that huge eagle out in the tide pools
I'm staying in Sandspit at a B&B and today, since the guys went fishing (without me, thank goodness) I am having a day of rest. I heard they were going to fish for halibut and that type of fish is so big there wouldn't be room for ME AND THE FISH in the boat. I'm glad to be on dry land. Halibut are HUGE!

So I was surprised that on the way to the store (I got to ride shotgun since the guys were gone), we ran into some HUGE things. First we saw about 20 eagles down on the beach feeding in the tidepools. Those eagles have 7 foot wingspans and you can hear the big feathers whirring in the wind when they fly overhead. I'm scared of the eagles so keep my distance.
Here I am shocked at the size of the horse near the store.

So after we went to the store we stopped at a field and I got another scare. There was a huge horse looking at me. I howled and I bayed and the horse just stayed there looking at me in the car like I was crazy. I guess this horse was not familiar with "riding to the hounds." It had huge ears and big brown eyes.

This horse had a huge head!
I was glad when we got back to the B&B even though the store is only 5 minutes down the road.

These huge things here just wear a hound out. I think I'll take a nap, now.

Yours truly,

Cinnamon the sea dog.

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

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