Friday, June 28, 2013

Cinnamon tries to be really, really good - Rant!

I must be feeling better. It is cool and kind of misty out this morning. I've been resting alot. So I have renewed energy for a "Coonie Rant." And here it is...

Here's that elderly dog, Millie, plopped down on my carpet
Last night our friend came to dinner and brought a dog for me to meet. Now, I love meeting dogs. Usually we romp and play and I share my toys and my water bowl. (I am such a good girl!).

So when the door opened and I was locked out in the backyard I was apalled. Imagine, me, Cinnamon, having to stay outside while this NEW DOG walked right into my house! I soon found out why. You see, this dog was REALLY OLD! They were afraid I would scare the dog or, worse yet, try to romp and play with the dog.

I was really upset as I watched through the window while this dog walked (well actually waddled) around the living room and then plopped herself down like she owned the place. I then found out that her name was Millie and that she was, indeed, a very senior dog. I tried my best to understand and respect my seniors. I was really good!

So then they put my harness on and my leash and let me in the house (my house) but I couldn't go up and sniff Millie. I might scare her. So to calm me down, because I always happily greet dogs that visit, they put my leash on the door knob so I couldn't reach Millie.

I decided, rather than bark and pull, to just lie down and be the best dog that I could be. And I did. They noticed and gave me a treat.

So then they put me outside again while they had dinner. Millie just sat there in the same place. I decided to be a really good girl and curl up on the mat outside the dining area and just go to sleep. I had one ear open, though and listed to them through their whole dinner through the screen door. And, Millie? Well, there wasn't much to listen to there. She was just quietly watching them.

So I guess they knew I was really good because they came outside and played with me after dinner. They threw my toy for me. Millie stayed inside (in the same place) plopped down on my carpet. I have to say she was rather boring.
Here I am in my harness locked outside because of MILLIE!

So then it was time for them to leave. Millie waddled outside and our friend picked her up and put her into the car.

Finally I was free of the harness and the leash.... free to romp and play throughout my own house. But you know what I did? I went upstairs to bed. I hope I am not getting old like Millie. That scares me.

I am 5 years young and I was really, really good last night even though I didn't want to be.

I just had to write this so the whole world would know what I was subjected to!

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  1. Being good doesn't mean you are old! Just means you are learning how to behave!


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