Monday, June 10, 2013

BC Ferries: Cinnamon rides in steerage

Here's the eagle in Prince Rupert looking down on me.
I said I'd tell you about my ferry ride. I didn't know what to expect. We took a night ferry from Prince Rupert via Skidegate to Sandspit, B.C.

We had to hang around Prince Rupert all day because the ferry didn't depart until 9 p.m. So I got to go on tons of walks, nosed around the docks and even saw an eagle up close. I had to sleep in the car while the people went to dinner. They got some amazing Vietnamese and Chinese food while all I got was a half ration of dog food. Drat!

We got in line at the ferry terminal and I got to go for a last walk around. Soon they announced that they would be loading. My mind was full of good things... sitting on the deck watching the sunset and having a hamburger in the restaurant. Having a beer with Canadian dog friends would top off the evening. I thought the ferry might be tons of fun. Imagine me, Cinnamon, standing on the stern with my nose in the air sniffing that wonderful sea air!
Here's our ferry. Notice there are no windows where I WAS!

So they directed us to Car Deck #4. It was kind of smelly... like a ship's engine. They put my bed over my "viewing platform" and acted kind of sad... guilty actually. Soon the crew announced that the driver and passengers had to leave their cars and go atop. I soon found out that didn't include ME! (Why, am I not surprised?). They patted my head and SHUT THE CAR DOOR! I was staying there for the sailing. WHAT? No walking on deck. No hamburgers. No beer with my friends. NO NOTHING! I was to stay alone in the car ALL NIGHT!

Here's the sunset I missed.
They went up to their cushy stateroom (the one with a window) and settled in. And you know what? They didn't even come down to check on me! I am sure they were up in the lounge having a glass of wine and eating chocolate cake. That's what people do on the ferry, ya know!

Soon the ferry was moving. The chug of the engines and the gentle rocking put me to sleep straightaway. I dreamed of watching the sunset. I dreamed of dining on a burger and looking out the window. But there I was down in steerage with a view of the hull and pipes. But at least I was asleep.

Soon, they announced that drivers and passengers were to return to their vehicles. It was 5 a.m. and we were already in Skidegate and, somehow, had to get over to Sandspit. As the car went down the ramp to dry land, I woke up and stretched. Jeesh, it was early! I just wanted to sleep in.
Please just go away and let me sleep! It's only 5 a.m.!

As soon as we got off the ferry, it was time for me to get out of the car for a bit. We got to look at the beautiful water as the sun rose. But I was sleepy and soon went back to sleep. I didn't know, but there was another ferry trip in store for us. Within an hour, we were loading on to a smaller ferry which would take us to Sandspit and WE WERE RIGHT UP FRONT! I forgot my need to sleep and stood during the 20 minute journey looking at the island getting closer and closer. There were two little Guillemots that actually lived on the ferry. They had red feet and walked funny... kind of like penguins.
Here's those funny birds with the red feet.

So we arrived in Sandspit and disembarked. We were there! Finally we had reached our destination. I was SO HAPPY when we got to the house and went upstairs. There were patches of sun on the floor for me to nap in. My food was there and so was my bed. And best of all, my favorite squeaky toy was brought in, much to my delight.

I haven't met any Canadian dogs here yet but that will happen soon enough. Meanwhile, I think I need to take a nap. This journey has been way too full of excitement. More to come? You betcha!

Article: Pet areas on BC Ferries 

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

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  1. BC Ferries said: "What a wonderful blog Cinnamon! Thank you for sailing with BC Ferries and blogging about your experience! On your return trip please let your Mom know that she can visit you during the sailing to walk you or feed you at set times during the crossing. Announcements are made at regular intervals during the voyage (day voyages), so that owners can access the car deck in order to walk and care for their pets. Just remind her that owners are responsible to clean up after their pets. If on a night voyage please tell her to go discuss the options with the pursers office of when she may be able to visit you. We have to keep our vehicle decks locked for safety reasons on our Northern routes which is why she wasn't able to take you into the cabin. We look forward to future blogs of your travels with us at BC Ferries! Kind Regards,BC Ferries"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon