Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Burnt Bridge Creek Trail: Scaring Frogs and Annoying Ducks

Here I am sniffing around the trail head, looking for the rabbit
Today was a good day. The rain stopped and we quickly went for a walk on the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail in Vancouver. It's only a block from my house. I usually have fun eating grass, greeting other dogs and chasing a rabbit that hangs out near the trail entrance. This wily bunny knows I am on a leash so he taunts me. But today was better than a rabbit day and I will tell you why.

At first it wasn't all that exciting. I met two pit bulls, big ones, that were very friendly. And some bike riders passed us, scaring me a bit. But for most of our one hour walk, we were alone on the trail. I like the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail because it is asphalt and I don't get my paws muddy. And it runs along a creek with wetlands. It's an 8 mile trail but I am not up to more than 3 miles at a time. 

Now let me tell you about the best part of our walk. We reached the native plant nursery and took the fork that goes across a little bridge. The water runs through there and when it rains, it creates ponds. And in the ponds are fun things. :)  I got there and started looking at the ducks. They looked at me and decided to slowly move out to the middle of the pond. They weren't all that scared. I guess if I was a Retriever, they would be scared.
Here's the ducks watching me.

But all of a sudden as I walked along the bank, big things started jumping into the water. Lots of them! These were big frogs and I scared them. Once I got over MY surprise, I started looking for them, sniffing along the bank. I was having so much fun scaring frogs that I even waded into the pond, getting my paws in the mud. I thought I might be able to see where they go. I know I wasn't supposed to go wading, but it was just my paws, really! I loved sniffing for frogs. They smell like fish, kind of.

Who me? I wasn't hunting any frogs in this pond!
If I wasn't an all American Coonhound, I might be interested in eating one. But I am not a French Poodle or anything French so I decided that cooking up a bunch of frog legs was not too appetizing. But I loved scaring them!

We wandered around some more on the way back. I got tired, from all the excitement and stopped while my owner snapped pictures of the flowers. She does that kind of thing. But, between you and me, she doesn't let ME stop and eat grass when I want to. Only SHE can stop when she wants to. 

On the way back it started raining again. But we were close to home so I didn't get too wet. 

I'm ready for a nap now. I think I'll dream about chasing frogs some more!

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