Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cinnamon on things

Here I am high on a driftwood log on the beach in front of some hotels.
Well, I have a new hobby. Since I am at the beach it was either collect dead crab parts, roll in stinky fish carcasses or climb driftwood logs. Since I have to please my owner, I chose the hobby of standing on driftwood logs and watching...  You know me, I like to watch for things. Maybe I am watching for a tsunami, who knows!

So I started my hobby this morning running and jumping on logs during my morning free romp on the beach. Then this afternoon, when I was on a leash, I stood watch on a log while my owner basked in the sun and watched a family clamming.

As we walked back, the tide started to come in. I am a bit leery of moving water and haven't figured out why the water keeps "coming to get me." Back home in New Mexico water ran in streams and was predictable. This Oregon water is pretty wild!

So now I am back in my wonderful room at The Looking Glass Inn for a nap.  Maddie on Things... watch out! You have some competition.

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