Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cinnamon's Exciting Day

Here I am playing.
Yesterday I was too lazy, lying in the sun and resting up from my exciting day, to tell you houndies all about it. But I can't resist sharing my EXCITING day yesterday.

First, we went to the dog park. It was a little later than usual and there were tons of dogs there. Since I greet each and every dog, I was busy right at the start. There were packs of them and they were all in good moods, thank goodness.

Finally, after greeting the pack near the gate, I decided it was time to trot down the perimeter path and see who was over on the other side of the park. I saw some regulars... the long-haired dog with the Frisbee and the old beagle who can't keep his mouth shut.

But the fun began as I rounded the corner to the log that serves as a bench. A lady had come with her teeny dog all dressed up in a pink and black dress. That dog didn't even know she had a dress on. She took off like lightning chasing all the dogs, big and small. I have never seen such a bundle of energy in my life! It made me tired just looking at her! As she whizzed by me, I caught a glimpse of the design on the back of her dress. It was a skull and cross bones. Maybe that explains it. Maybe this was a wild pirate dog... or a biker dog?

After that excitement I trotted down the path and ran into two dogs with an owner carrying a big sack. Hmmm. All of a sudden he reached into his sack and threw me two dog biscuits. Wow! Treats on the trail! This park was getting really interesting.

I enjoyed my treats and then found a patch of grass with a really good smell. I rolled in it. My owner said something about an impending bath but I didn't care. I was having a great time.

Then I found a young dog to play with and got dog slobber all over my back. Bath time here I come!

We rounded the corner again and I spied a lady with a messenger bag full of some plastic sacks. (And these were NOT poop sacks!). I walked up to her and gave her the eye. She was talking to some other owners. I stood there and stood there and she didn't give me anything. Finally my owner walked up to her too. Turns out she is a dog food wholesaler and, yes, she did have samples in her messenger bag. BIG bags of samples. And, we were given one to take home.

WOW what a great day at the dog park!

Big Grey Bratty Squirrel
When we got home, we looked over the dog food samples. They looked like good food. All of a sudden I jumped up and saw..... a big grey squirrel on our fence. It was twitching its tail and looking at US! Of course I bayed and bayed at it... so much I was taken inside.

Then the squirrel went back into the woods and climbed a tree.

That was sooooo exciting!!!


  1. Wow, sounds like my girl adjusted just fine.
    Cali sends her love...

  2. From Cinnamon: "Tell Cali that I am having a great time... most days."


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon