Sunday, April 14, 2013

Going to the Big Vet's Office: A Hound's Perspective

This is the best part about going to the Vet

Last week I was introduced to a new veterinarian's office. This one was huge in comparison with the nice little vet's office I used to go to in Santa Fe. Dr. Hinko's Animal Clinic is on Cerrillos Road in an adobe building not far from Petco, my favorite store. Most of the time I liked going there. When I had my appointment there was rarely another animal in the waiting room (but I could smell them). I always wagged my tail at the staff and the receptionist let me have cookies.

I say most of the time because I liked going there. They petted me, weighed me, looked at my ears and stuff. They gave me shots and it didn't hurt. The only time I didn't like it was when they clipped my nails. But they did it really fast and I have to admit it was more annoying than painful.

On my last visit they gave me a flea and tick medication. That's why I thought I was going to "The Land of the Fleas and Ticks." But it turns out, there are only fleas here (and worms).

I said good-bye and wondered where I would go to see the doctor in "The Couve."

Turns out, I needed to ask about Heart Worm Medicine. I took it in Santa Fe and I was out. So my owner took advantage of a walk in policy at Companion Pet Clinic not far from my house. We went into the reception area and the place was just crawling with dogs... puppies, big dogs and little dogs that were held in their owners arms. We filled out papers and were told we would be seeing a veterinarian for an exam and to answer my questions about what horrible creatures dogs had to worry about living in western Washington.
We waited quite awhile but I had fun trying to play with the animals. The little pit bull puppy named "Thor," was the most fun! 

Finally they called me. I had to go stand on the scales. Luckily I hadn't gained any weight on the trip up here. That In & Out Burger was full of fat. And then I have to admit I snacked on a few French fries too. My owner took advantage of having me in the car on the trip and we went through a few drive-ups for burgers because, she said, it was easier for her. I was afraid that I had gained weight, but I didn't!

The Vet Tech took some of my history and then stuck a thermometer you know where. Yuck! Then the Vet came in. He examined me. He poked and prodded and I stood there and put up with it. This wasn't all that much fun. I was thinking about whether or not they had cookies at the front desk.

Then he talked with us about what creepy crawly things might hurt me in Washington State. Mostly it was those worms that get in your stomach and FLEAS! No, not FLEAS! He said Heart Worms were not much of a problem. But he had the answer. There is a medicine I could take once a month that would prevent me from being harmed by fleas, worms and parasites and heart worms (just in case). So that's what we are doing.

Unfortunately I had to have a blood test before I could start the medicine. So they took me back where they draw blood and stuck me. Ouch! But it was over quick.

I was glad to get out of there and head for the front desk. While my owner paid, I got my reward. TWO cookies! I think I am going to like this vet clinic after all. :)

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