Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another Coonie Blog

Here's the flea comb. I hope I never need one!
Hey, hounds! I found another coonie blog! This one is the Long Ears Blog and it is out there to help houndies like us get adopted. There is also quite a bit of information.

I shuddered when I read about FLEAS and how to find them with a flea comb. I am hoping the medicine the vet gave me will ensure I won't have those horrible little black things in my coat. You know, I was born in New Mexico and lived in an area where THERE ARE NO FLEAS!

If you need a flea comb, and I hope you don't, I noticed they have them over on Buy a Flea Comb.

You should check out this blog. I liked it!

Fondly, Cinnamon

Photo Credit: Long Ears Blog


  1. I also spread Diatomaceous earth (food grade) in my yard a couple times a season. It is a natural, safe way to help control fleas. If you dog licks it, or gets it on their paws then licks its ok. They actually use it as an internal dewormer in large farm animal feed. It's a fine powder so I use a flour sifter-makes it easy.


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon