Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cinnamon at the Tulip Fest: Kinda dog friendly

Here I am posing for my picture in the tulip fields.

Today I went to the Wooden Shoe Bulb Farm in Woodburn, Oregon for their annual Tulip Fest. It was a sunny day so I enjoyed the hour ride through the countryside.

We got there and parked. I had hoped they had a dog park where I could run free sniffing the tulips and playing with the other dogs. But noooo. They insisted dogs be on leashes. That was OK because people couldn't pick the tulips or tromp on them either. So they let me in because I had my harness and leash on. It kinda cramped my style but it beats staying home with nothing to write about.

The festival takes place through May 5th so you can still go too! The fields are dirt with some grass paths so I don't think I'd want to be there in the rain. I checked the weather forecast and found out it would be sunny today. The tulips are brilliant colors. Anyone going to the festival without their camera had better get with the program!
Here I am sniffing around the tulip plants. This variety was named Jimmy

We walked all around the fields taking pictures. I even had my picture taken. Some kids petted me. I liked that. There weren't a lot of dogs there. I did chat with a puppy (you must know by now I like puppies) and saw a nice pittie, also on a short leash.
I liked the tulip fields but wished I could romp free.

After we spent hours in the fields we checked out the children's play area (still no dog area) and sniffed the wurst stand. We didn't get any but I would have liked a wurst and a beer. Oh, I forgot, this isn't Germany!

By then I was getting hot because it was a nice sunny day. So we packed up the camera gear, I jumped in the back of the car, and we headed home.

Yes, the Tulip Fest is "dog friendly," but don't get TOO friendly with the tulips or the people or you will be escorted to your car. Short leashes are the norm there.

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

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