Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cinnamon's Decorating Tip: Quilt it!

You might be surprised, that for all the complaining I do about my owner's decorating skills, I DO have some great ideas. This idea comes from Bella and Daisy Mae. At their home, the couch is covered with beautiful hand-made quilts. The owner rotates these quilts so they always have a clean and fluffy quilt to sleep on.

If you like folk art or early American decor, a quilt would be ideal. And a fine quilt sure beats a ratty blanket or an old bedspread casually thrown over the couch as a cover!
Here's Molly on a beautiful quilt-covered couch. She was sleeping sitting up! (Photo: The Royal Coonhounds Blog)
 If you don't have access to quilts, there is a quilted "Pet Cover," over on which looks ideal. It is quilted and it covers just the areas we houndies like to relax on.

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