Friday, February 12, 2016

Cinnamon's Diet Success Story

See, aren't my paws delicate and pretty?
Remember last year when I had to go on a diet. I was weighing more than Francesca. She is bigger than I am. In fact she has such huge paws that I think they must weigh a pound each. I, on the other hand, am more fine-boned and petite.

Well, that is except for my stomach. So last year I went on a diet to try and get below the 52 pounds that I weighed. I cut out some of my treats and always ate less than Francesca. What happened? I GAINED WEIGHT! I gained weight and Francesca lost weight.

So every meal time I groaned. I just knew I would be shorted food. Francesca got the extra food that wasn't served to me and she didn't gain weight. Months went by and I had just about given up.

So today, we went to the Veterinarian for my check up and 3 year rabies shot. I don't like it there. Well, I like the Vet's assistant but I don't like him because he pokes, prods and sticks me with needles!

So of course the first thing that we did was head for the dreaded scales. Oh No! I got on the scales and obediently sat down. I grimaced. I didn't want to hear how much I weighed. And.... my weight was.... (drum roll, please) 50.8 pounds! I LOST WEIGHT! I lost over a pound!

So then it was time for the dreaded exam. I winced some more. But what the doctor said, was pretty encouraging. I had lost weight, yes... but my heart rate was that of an athlete. And I was very healthy. I, Cinnamon, wasn't looking like an old dog at all.

So now I don't complain about the diet and I don't complain about exercise. I'm a healthy coonhound and I'm a success!
Here I am sleeping all night on the cushy couch cover.
I was so happy with myself I decided to sleep on the new couch cover on the couch all night. What a treat! Francesca had to sleep alone!

Love, Svelte Cinnamon

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