Monday, May 20, 2013

Portland's Lucky Lab brewpub is definitely for dogs like me

Here's the Lucky Lab bar. Dogs can't go inside.
After a long drive in the countryside we returned to Portland. We were all getting hungry so turned in to a place called Lucky Lab Brew Pub on Hawthorne. The Lucky Labrador Brewing Company has a dog on their sign and labels, so I figured this would be the place for me!

The Lucky Lab people have created a place where dogs can go while their people enjoy a sense of community. So we got out and the scene I saw made me happy. I saw outdoor picnic tables with people and families enjoying beer and sandwiches right along with their dogs. Imagine... dogs in a pub. Dogs actually having fun!
Here I am getting treats

We settled down at one of the picnic tables and I had some treats. The humans ordered sandwiches with potato chips, beer and wine and I got to greet all the dogs that went by. I even shared my treats with a Newfie who was with the couples at the table across from us.

A family was celebrating at another table. Their little boy had a Superman cape on and the Dad lifted him high from table to table so he could feel like he was flying. More dogs came in. I checked them all out.

Each time the Lucky Lab guy walked by with sandwiches, I secretly hoped he was bringing one for me. But that just didn't happen.

Here's the Newfie before he was "brutally attacked."
All of a sudden the dog who was at the table with the Newfie got really mad and snarled at the Newfie and tried to start a fight. Wow! Drama at the Lucky Lab! I just hid under my table in case the mean dog came my way. But he didn't. His owner gave him a good talking to. Phew!

I got some tidbits from the sandwiches and thought I was in restaurant heaven.

I hear they have music and special events at the Lucky Lab. I will definitely be back!

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