Monday, May 13, 2013

Cinnamon at the Wildlife Refuge: No Hunting Here!

Here I am stuck in the car
I was really excited when I found out I was going to the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge today. Imagine... wildlife! I retreated into my fantasy world again and imagined myself hunting deer (well, annoying them anyway), nutria and ducks. I could be like my retriever friends and be a real hunting dog. Right?

So I found out what my hunting trip would be like when we drove up to the refuge gate and read the signs. Come to find out, they don't even let DOGS out of the cars. Some wildlife! NO wildlife for me, it seemed. So I spent most of the day watching out the window. Mind you, the friend driving us had built a keen observation deck for me inside the car but I couldn't get out and chase anything. Grrr.

First we saw a deer with huge ear tags. #10 this deer was. He must have been something. He still had velvet on his antlers. A nice deer but I couldn't chase him.
Here's that deer with the #10 tag.

Then we saw a Wood Duck and, down the road, saw a mallard standing on a log with some turtles. Oh, what I would have given to make those turtles jump into the water!

A duck and turtles - fun to scare!
Farther on, we stopped for a snack and I got real beef jerky. Our friend made it just for me.

We kept on driving and saw more ducks, some eagles and some cranes. It was all very exciting and I looked out of the window most of the time but sure wished I could have gotten out and sniffed some of the wildlife!

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