Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cinnamon - Banished from the dinner party!

Here I am outside while she sets the table for the dinner party.
I've calmed down a bit now. I got to go to the dog park and blow off some steam this morning.

But last night I was really upset. I had to stay home all day because of the rain and because my owner was grating carrots (I don't like carrots), slicing cucumbers, peeling potatoes and setting the table for a German themed dinner party.

I smelled the schnitzel, checked out the strudel and tried to figure out how to score some butter off the table but I didn't get any of it. I was excited. I knew people were coming to visit. And, next to dogs, I just love people!

So around 5:30 the doorbell rang. It was people. And they were bearing gifts... Marionberry jam and German wine. I was waiting for my gift but got so excited I ran in circles and couldn't calm myself. There were four people to play with me and I was beside myself with joy. I was leaping, bouncing and running through the house.

That's when I found out that my behavior had just earned me a ticket to "Siberia." I was told to calm down. Everyone was more interested in talking, opening wine and eating imported cheese and crackers than playing with ME. Imagine!

So I got tricked into going upstairs to "my room" and, listen to this, she shut the door. SHUT THE DOOR SO I COULDN'T BE AT THE GERMAN DINNER PARTY! I was shocked. I howled. I barked. I fumed. And if I had my smart phone I would have blogged about it then, or called the Humane Society. I was ticked! I was upset. I was BANISHED FROM THE DINNER PARTY.

Now I should know by now that I am a second class citizen. I don't go into restaurants to eat, I wait in the car when she goes shopping and I recently couldn't even get out of the car at the Nature Preserve. Sometimes I feel like part of the family but last night it was clear that I was a second class citizen.
Here's the German dinner I couldn't enjoy.

Downstairs they enjoyed fine wine and a delicious dinner. They laughed (and believe, me... I could hear them) and talked about going to Europe on a trip and about their walking experiences. They had a great time WITHOUT me. So I just sulked and went to sleep.

They left around 9 and my owner came to check on me. I was asleep. But she was feeling really guilty (I loved it) so took me for a little walk, fed me some schnitzel leftovers and petted me. The house smelled like a German restaurant and I had slept through the end of the dinner party.

But I am all calmed down today. I think I'll go take a nap.

Auf Wiedersehen, Cinnamon
Citizen, Second Class


  1. Ah, Cinnamon. You are a nice dog, but a bit too boisterous for the human dinner party!

  2. From Cinnamon: You humans just don't know how to have fun! :)

  3. I don't have many large groups over due to not having room in my house...BUT my girls aren't hyper with company. I used to have to put Bella up because strangers scared her so much. But now...if you come to my house be ready to be sniffed from head to toe and to get dog hair on ya. My dogs live here, you are just a guest. LOL

  4. Cinnamon says: "That's the attitude!"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon