Saturday, May 11, 2013

For Hound Dog Moms Everywhere

I, Cinnamon, am a Mom. I hope all hound moms have a great day tomorrow
It's Mother's Day. Time to celebrate your Mom or celebrate being a Mom. I, Cinnamon, am a Mom. This is a sad day for me because I don't know where my puppies are. I loved them, fed them and played with them until they went to their new homes. But I don't have their addresses.

But since I am a Mom, I think of my pups every single day and hope they think of me too. I loved your big brown eyes and soft little puppy ears. And I loved cuddling with you. 

Mother's Day is tomorrow. I wish a flower truck would drive up and deliver a beautiful flower arrangement to me. I wish I would get Mother's Day cards in the mail. I wish my pups would take me out to brunch. Most of all I wish I could play with my puppies once again!

But I just have to be happy I am a Mom and happy I got to give birth to you cute puppies wherever you are.

Happy Mother's Day to ME! Happy Mother's Day to all Hound Moms!

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