Monday, May 20, 2013

Cinnamon tries to go wine tasting and chocolate tasting in Carlton, Oregon

Here I am in front of the Troon tasting room.
I was excited. It was another day of adventure and I was invited! We headed for the countryside outside of Portland, Oregon toward a valley named Yamhill. I suppose they grow yams in those fields. We took the scary route... over Bald Mountain. From that high road we could see the whole valley and mountains beyond. But no biggee. I didn't get to go running on the mountain (or hunting either.)

Soon we descended to the valley floor and headed for the little town of Carlton, Oregon. It was a country town that had been transformed into a cutesy little village with wine shops, gift shops and a chocolate shop.

I got to get out, finally. We were in front of Troon Wineyard's tasting room. I had a look at the seedier side of town and looked forward to the tasting room and jumping up on one of the cushy couches they had there. A great place to take a nap while the humans tasted wine. (I have learned that wine is not for dogs).

But no... it was back in the car so they could taste wine WITHOUT ME! I laid down and napped anyway. Soon they came out with a big box of wine (and no dog treats). I got to get out again because we were going walking down the main street of Carlton.

There was a little park with a mural of Carlton and the Yamhill valley. I liked the park. But as we went down Main Street I stopped in front of one shop because the kind shop owner had put a big bowl of water out for dogs like me. I had some. It was refreshing. I decided this must be a dog-friendly town.
Here I am trying to get into the Honest Chocolates Shop

So when we approached the chocolate shop, I had high hopes. It was called Honest Chocolates. I thought they would let me in but no..... they had heard the story about how chocolate is bad for dogs. I stayed outside while they bought some dark hazelnut chocolate (and no dog treats). Honest Chocolates was honestly NOT for dogs.

After that it was back in the car and back to Portland. I'll tell you more, but for now, I need to take a nap!

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