Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cinnamon can't take dog food into Canada (or her attack rifle)

OK, so I got a note from my vet that lists ALL the information that is missing from the Rabies Certificate. Thank you Dr. Hinko for doing this SO fast. I miss you!

Then I found out I can't bring my supply of dog food with me in those plastic containers. In fact, I am so mixed up about dog food, that I just won't bring any. YAY! I can eat people food. Tim Horton's here I come!

So here's what the website says about what I can't bring with me:

Q. What is prohibited to bring into Canada?
List as follows,
*Radar Detector.
*Live minnows, leeches, or worms (night crawlers) unless not packed in dirt.
*Dog Food.
*Fire Wood.
*Military style attack rifles.
*Large Capacity Cartridge Magazines (Exceeding 5 rounds for centre fire rifles)

I've heard I can't bring treats in either. NO TREATS! And, I thought Canadians were nice people. Grrrr.

But wait... on this site, it says I can bring a small amount of food in. A small amount? So, what will I do... starve?

Sign me confused, Cinnamon

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