Sunday, May 5, 2013

Visiting the Country Cousins at the Hunting Lodge

Here I am at the fancy hunting lodge checking things out.
Well, I rested up from the beach and whaddaya know? She'd planned another road trip. This time, I was told, we were going to visit family up in the north woods. In fact, I was told, I have dog cousins!

So my mind was full of visions of coonie cousins and how we'd romp through the woods and chase rabbits, coons, and more. And, we'd probably have a sleepover in the barn and tell ghost stories until the wee hours of the night. I was so excited, I jumped right in the car.

After several hours we crossed a big green bridge over some water. I was a little scared but it was over soon. And then, it got better and better. I saw forests and huge snow-capped mountains. I couldn't wait! My coonie cousins were probably planning a great hunt for me!

We drove down a tree-lined country road and up a lane named after Lassie the movie-star. I jumped out of the car and a really nice man came to greet and pet me. Then he let out a big black furry dog named Remi who didn't like me at all! He had his back fur standing, and he looked like he might bite me. I was scared. And, where were my cousins? Maybe they would protect me from this evil looking dog!
This is Cousin Remi. He was mean in the beginning but got nicer.

I felt a little better when the man took the mean black dog away and we went in to the house. I thought maybe this was a hunting lodge. It had a nice fireplace like one. So where were my cousins, anyway?

Turns out my cousins were that black dog and a more friendly furry dog named Indy. It must be that I was from a really mixed family! They didn't have floppy ears or bay like me. Oh yeah, I forgot. I was adopted from the shelter. That must be why we didn't look alike.

After awhile we made friends (or tolerated each other). We went out into the back yard. It had beautiful green grass and flowers. (kind of fru-fru for a hunting lodge, if you ask me!). Wait, there was more... We got to go into a grassy fenced pasture and then into a gated vegetable garden. I sniffed and walked all around and played a little with cousin Indy. I got tired of that and decided to eat grass in the pasture and pretend I was a cow.

This is Cousin Indy. She played with me.
I asked Remi and Indy about plans for a hunt. But they just laid on the shady grass and acted like they knew nothing about it. So I kept walking the fence line and sniffing. Maybe I could make my own hunt.

Soon it was time for dinner and everyone relaxed more. I found out later that Remi and Indy were a lot older than I was. I guessed that they were retired hunting dogs. The people in the lodge were nice to me and spoiled me. I was liking this!

Everyone went to bed and I stood watch just in case a hunting dog was needed. I did hear some coyotes in the distance and I knew that Remi and Indy were downstairs. I kept listening for them in case they knocked on my door so we could stay up and tell ghost stories. But they never knocked.

The next day was pretty exciting. I played and romped on the grass. I got petted some more by the people at the hunting lodge. I spent more time outside.... scheming.

Finally I found what I was hoping for... a hole in the fence. I jumped through and the hunt was on! I didn't know what I was hunting for but as I bounded into the woods, I knew I'd find out soon.

This is the nice lady at the hunting lodge spoiling me.
Then the people got all upset. They were yelling for me to come back. "No way, Jose," I said to myself. "This is what coon hounds are meant to do... hunt!" The man came through the gate and was catching up to me. But I fixed him. I jumped into the brambles. My owner brought my food box out and shook it, thinking that would make me come back. I was wiser than she. I didn't pay any attention. In fact, this was a lot of fun. I was creating a ruckus... drama at the hunting lodge! Aaarooooo!

Finally the lady ran and got a squeaky toy. That did it. She was pretty smart. I backed out of the brambles and ran over to the fence where I could play with the toy. Then the man scooped me up and unceremoniously dumped me back into the fenced paddock. Grrr.... foiled again!

After that, we were all pretty tired, so we retired back to the hunting lodge for some lemonade and water. I had all the excitement I could stand and knew that I would sleep well that night.

I like the people at the hunting lodge and my new cousins... even if they are old! Thanks Remi and Indy for a nice time. Next time, can we go fishing?

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