Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dog Abuse: Cinnamon forced to walk in the rain

I just couldn't write about this yesterday. I was just too angry. In fact, I was livid!

You see, my owner took me to the Farmer's Market here in Vancouver, WA because it was opening day. But she didn't check the weather report.

Now I love the Farmer's Market in good weather. I get treats and people admire and pet me. But yesterday taking me was a truly cruel thing to do. Imagine, I could have lazed on my bed in the garage instead. This is what happened:

It was raining cats and cats!
We parked near the Crab Shack after noticing that there were tons of fishermen out on the Columbia River in their little boats. They all were dressed for rain, wearing slickers and gum boots. They knew the fish would be running.

We got out of the car and as soon as we walked under the I-5 bridge, it started to sprinkle. Well, my owner didn't turn around. She told me it wouldn't rain hard... just a little. By the time we got under the train overpass IT WAS POURING! I ASKED TO GO BACK. SHE SAID NO!

So we walked up to the Hilton. i was getting wet all over. I tried to go inside the Hilton to join the gaming conference going on. It looked nice and warm inside. I could have rolled on the carpet to get dry. BUT NO! We were there to wait until the rain let up. Finally it did.
Here I am thinking of going in to the gaming
conference at the Hilton where it was dry.
So we headed over to the market. I was dripping wet and none too happy. A young couple petted me anyway. Things were looking up.

When we were at the La Center Heritage Farms Booth to buy a broccoli plant, it happened. THE HEAVENS OPENED UP AND IT POURED AGAIN!

This time we headed back to the car IN THE RAIN and took refuge at City Hall outside the side door. It didn't let up. I started shivering. So we kept walking IN THE RAIN and made it back to the car. I, of course, wanted to stop at The Red Lion to go inside. BUT NO!
Here I am in the car. Look how wet I am!
I was mighty glad to see my car. I hopped inside and my owner put a blanket around me and turned up the heat. By the time we got home I was still wet and feeling mighty sorry for myself. It rained again in our neighborhood but we were home. My owner rubbed me with a towel and I started to feel better (a treat would have been nice).
It took two towels to get me dry.
Then the sun came out! Hooray!
Finally the sun came out!
I went outside and trotted around the yard looking for the best sunbeams. My owner put the towel out on the deck and I laid on it and lounged in the sun for the rest of the afternoon.
I spent the rest of the day sunbathing.
All of that suffering for one puney broccoli plant. IMAGINE!

Love, Cinnamon


  1. Poor Cinnamon, you should have come south with me and Will to the Amity Daffodil Festival Walk. We only got a brief shower and then were dried off in the sun in THREE HOURS of walking!

  2. My momma refooses to walk in da rain.

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