Friday, May 1, 2015

She Went to Central Oregon and FORGOT the Dog Treats!

I have my sources.
This has been quite a week. I attended Spring Camp at Running Pond Acres boarding ranch in Washougal Washington. Why? My owner went to a conference and writing trip in Central Oregon. Now, I didn't mind so much because I got to run free in the play yards and meet new friends, BUT...

My dog contacts in Bend clued me in that she went to Zydeco Kitchen in Bend, enjoyed their Barbeque Shrimp and Filet Au Poivre and even dessert. She had so much fun with her writing friends that she, apparently, forgot all about me.
Here's the shrimp appetizer at Zydeco. Looks good but I'm waiting for the dog treats!
You see, Zydeco Kitchen offers "Lady's Homemade Dog Biscuits." Since the restaurant is held in such high esteem (my Bend friends tell me), I thought that the treats would be extra good. I was looking forward to seeing my owner AND THE ZYDECO DOG TREATS.

But no, she forgot to get some for me. SHE FORGOT!

I guess I will have to talk to the folks down there and arrange a dog trip to the area. After all Bend is one of the most dog-friendly towns in Oregon! It is a well-known legend among Bend locals that they  have one of the highest per capita dog populations anywhere in the world with 49 percent of Central Oregon residents owning a dog.
They love dogs so much they even have a dog mural!
In fact, Dog Fancy magazine claimed Bend as DogTown USA in 2012 and runner up in 2011. With over 40 restaurants ready to accommodate ME for an alfresco dining date, a plethora of dog friendly businesses and events, more than 51 miles of urban trails in town, and over 13 off-leash areas in city parks and National Forests, Bend, Oregon is literally a paradise for man and woman's best friend. (from the Bend Visitor's Guide).
Yep, I'm goin' to this place!
And then there is Sunriver with trails, the Deschutes River, chipmunks and squirrels galore.  (Don't get me started)

After my nap, I'm going to read the Central Oregon Visitors Website and take notes. And when I go, I'll be stopping in to Zydeco Kitchen for sure!

Love, Neglected Cinnamon


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